We are now accepting nominations for the 100 young leaders from the foster care system that will be recognized and celebrated throughout 2015! Applications due Monday, December 1st.

2014 has been a monumental year for child welfare advocacy. The foster youth voice has been instrumental in passing legislation (HR 4980), raising the issue of over-medication, and improving the lives of youth in the foster care system. FosterClub is lucky to work with many young advocates who are true inspirations, and dedicated to this cause. Join FosterClub in honoring foster youth and alumni across the country who are making a difference. 

Who is eligible? Nominees must be between 16-24 years old and must have spent some time in foster care in order to be eligible.  Nominations are not open to FosterClub staff or interns (including All-Stars).

FAQ Page: 
Details about the Outstanding Young Leaders award. More info here. Youth will be notified on or by February 20th, 2015.  

You can recognize FosterClub's 100 Outstanding Young Leaders of 2015 several ways.


Are you a foster youth or alumni 16-24 years old? Then nominate yourself!
Do you know a foster youth or alumni 16-24 years old? Then nominate the young leader you personally know!

Full recognition of the 100 Outstanding Young Leaders would not be possible without a strong community of volunteers. Whether you have previously volunteered with FosterClub, or just now getting involved; fill out the Outstanding Young Leaders Volunteer Application and celebrate with us! 

Reviewing nominees?  Submit your score here.  

Writing Biographies for the young leaders? Submit the bio here


Your gift can help FosterClub celebrate 100 stories of remarkable resilience. It can also enable us to build a movement by supporting young people across the country who have demonstrated leadership but need your support.

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