We're flipping the script for #GivingTuesday!

This year, we're doing #GivingTuesday a little differently - we want to hear HOW FOSTERCLUB HAS GIVEN TO YOU! This will help us spread the message about how FosterClub matters to so many young people and foster care supporters across the country. 

Here are three ways you can support the young leaders of FosterClub for #GivingTuesday:

What Has FosterClub Given You?

For #GivingTuesday, we want to hear from YOU! How have you been supported? Why should donors consider supporting FosterClub and it's young leaders? Is there someone (staff, sponsor, or partner org) that you'd like to recognize?

Create a Facebook Fundraiser!

On #GivingTuesday, Facebook is matching donations! It's easy to set up a fundraising page - and you can make it even more compelling by sharing your story. 100% of funds raised supports the work of FosterClub's young leaders!

Donate to Support the Young Leaders of FosterClub!

Join our fantastic circle of supporters and make a donation that supports the work of FosterClub's young leaders.  Looking for a meaningful holiday gift? Make it in honor of a family member or friend! 

Here's what our team, friends, and supporters are saying:

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"In the 362 days since I've joined this team, I've had the privilege to interact with youth from across America.  They are just like your kids.  They are intelligent, resilient, and they want the best in life.  Your donations to FosterClub help us support those youth.  Provide education, opportunities, and trainings to them and to those who support them.  Any donation you make today will be put to great use.  Thanks for supporting FosterClub and our youth! "

- Nissa Roberts, FosterClub Staff

"Thank you to the State of Idaho for sponsoring me in 2015 to be a part of the All-Star Internship Program!  A BIG shoutout to Celeste and her amazing staff for empowering and inspiring me to grow, to educate, and create change within the child welfare system! "

- Isaiah, 2015 FosterClub All-Star

"I'm so thankful and grateful to work with an amazing team - and to meet so many beautiful, inspiring, resilient young leaders - that have overcome more challenges than some people face in a lifetime - that share their voice with the world to inspire EVERYONE - including the future generations of foster youth.  Someone you know, or someone you might meet - may NEED to know us.  I encourage EVERYONE to get educated about foster care, FosterClub.com can help!" 

- Emily, FosterClub Staff 

"The best part of my job is getting to work with young leaders trained by FosterClub. I recently got to see two alumni presenting to a room of 100+ on the new Family First Prevention Services Act. The alumni elegantly fielded tough questions about in-home prevention services, group homes, and how advocates can impact implementation. They brought the words on the PPT to life with real stories and their passion. Thank you for an awesome and inspiring afternoon."

- Jenny Gentry, Casey Family Programs

"FosterClub has given me a second family, positive strong female role models that are also down to earth.  It has given me a sense of purpose and has allowed me to follow some passions.  Fosterclub's employees are some of the most passionate and dedicated employees I've ever met.  We work so that one day the system will no longer have a need for us.  I am not saying it cause I work there but..  I see it in their eyes when working on projects, or in their voice announcing a large order, these people truly care and that my friend - is truly rare." 

- Kayla Mizar, FosterClub Staff

"FosterClub is a national advocacy for the Foster Care Community. FosterClub gave me the ability to own and share my foster care experience that’ll change the way some people think about the system as a whole. Spending those few months in Seaside was life changing for me in numerous areas. I first handedly encountered the the impact of what sharing your personal experience can do to others. It can bring faith, encouragement, and guidance by allowing people to share experiences to others and reflecting on them. The foster care community knows that there is someone advocating for the betterment of the entirety with networks like FosterClub."

- John, 2016 FosterClub All-Star Intern

"Fosterclub provided me with the right tools to speak for myself, and help others speak for themselves. They gave me the power to use my voice to encourage others in a positive and more impactful way."

- Ricky, 2014 FosterClub All-Star

"As a social worker I never know what or how I will get each teenager to open up and feel safe, but yesterday, it was a binder."

- Life Launch Coordinator with Angels' Arms in MO

"FosterClub has been a leader for youth in foster care for over 17 years!  This dynamic non-profit works hard and fast to create change and to support so many foster youth."

- Meagan, FosterClub Board Member

"I wanted to highlight the GOLD that FosterClub provides to our youth.  Perhaps that is why their COLOR is YELLOW!  For the finest kind of pure GOLD!"

- Joan Jones, Oregon Independent Living Program

"FosterClub has made me CURIOUS. After my 2016 All Star Internship and first Annual Board Meeting, I developed a deep curiosity for Policy, Partnerships, and Marketing. I constantly put myself in a mindset of curiosity and environment of learning all due to the conversations and experiences with FosterClubs staff, board of directors, partners, and advocates."

- Cody, FosterClub Board Member

"Working at FosterClub is truly my dream job. I get to support an AMAZING team of Staff and Young Leaders who are working to improve the child welfare system by centering the well-being of youth who experience foster care."

- Nora Karena, FosterClub Staff

"What FosterClub means to me...  As an alumni of the foster system, former All-Star, Level 2 intern, and former staff member I can think of a thousand things to talk about when someone mentions FosterClub. More recently and by far the most important relationship I have with FosterClub is being a foster informed, foster educated, and FosterClub connected as a foster parent. Being able to introduce young people in my house to the FosterClub community is a feeling that can only be described as magical. I cannot wait to use FosterCub, FYI binder, and connect the amazingly resilient young people who come and make my house a home to a world of resources that can be found on FosterClubs website, in their publications, and at events they host. 

The best way to explain what FosterClub means to me is in the words of Walt Disney... FosterClub is “the most magical place on earth.” The greatest gift that can be given is that of being an educated and informed support to youth in foster care. FosterClub helps me make sure I am just that. 

Peace, Love, and FosterClub"

- Marcus Runkle (Brown), FosterClub Supporter

"FosterClub has given me the opportunity to hear the story of foster care directly from current or former foster youth. As a staff person, it is my privilege to answer the phone, or email, when a youth is in need. But FosterClub doesn't just stop there. FosterClub listens to youth and gives them the opportunity to tell their stories to national policymakers, foster parents, and other youth in person, and online.

A little over a year ago, I answered the phone in the office and heard a young man's story. He desperately needed resources and support getting health care. The story didn't end there. FosterClub elevated this young man's voice by publishing his story in a blog. This young man and many others, who reached out over the next year shared their stories and became leaders in an effort to improve health care for former foster youth.

The #HealthCareFFY Campaign was launched by FosterClub, First Focus: SPARC, and the Juvenile Law Center. Recently, foster youth shared their health care stories at a congressional briefing and health care for foster youth across the nation was impacted with the passage of the Opioid Package."

- Shannon, FosterClub Staff 

Share your story today - use #GivingTuesday and #FosterClub!