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Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

This may surprise you, but Gabi (pronounced GAH-bee) really, really doesn’t like cats. But she has a strong drive to defend and protect others regardless of who they are (or if they like cats or not).

Gabi graduated from Linfield University, the first in her biological family to graduate both high school and college. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and Creative Writing, where she mostly focused on Pacific Northwest Native American cultures. While at school she studied abroad, had many professional opportunities, and stood as president of her honor society.

Prior to working at FosterClub, Gabi's most notable role was support staff at Trillium Family services. Through that work she saw how impactful and/or harmful adults are to youth, and how young adults get stuck in state systems. This lit her fire.

Gabi's interest in this type of work solidified when her sister took in a 17-year-old foster daughter. Through welcoming her into their family, Gabi had to recognize her own experiences in care. She learned how foster care affects the brain and body, which increased her passion and eagerness to improve care/support for youth. Through her work at FosterClub, Gabi hopes to become a better advocate with working connections to help the youth of her tribe coming from foster care.