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Circumstances leading up to adoption are often puzzling and hard to understand for the child involved. Many kids wonder about their biological family and why their parents didn't keep them. If you've been adopted it is important that you talk to people you trust about your feelings and questions...

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This topic group is to discuss education as it relates to foster care and foster youth. Here you will find articles about school best practices, educational resources, news, statistics and relevant information for foster youth across all grade levels,...

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entering foster care

Looking to learn the basics about entering foster care? Have questions? Or want to discuss what it's like with other young people who've been there? You've come to the right group!

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Extension of Foster Care Services

It used to be that young people would automatically age out of foster care when they reached their 18th birthday. But many states now recognize that young people need more time to get ready for the transition to adulthood and have extended foster care to age 21. Join this group if you want to...

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Federal Policy

This group is dedicated to federal policy info.

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Indian Child welfare

Are you a young person or supportive adult looking to learn more about what it means to be a Native American youth or family involved in the child welfare system? Join this topic group and educate yourself on the different challenges and triumphs associated with being a Native American youth...

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This page is centered around the conversation of LGBTQ issues in foster care. Learn more about the challenges that youth face and what kind of resources exist to help. Whether you are an adult supporter or youth, feel free to explore and contribute to the community and discussion.

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Mental and Physical Well-Being

Mental and physical well-being are core components of our overall health. Our ability to perform at our best and to tackle life's problems are all heavily influenced by how our body is feeling and the tone of our minds.

However, being in foster care can pose a lot of potential...

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Youth in foster care experience many hardships and often feel lost in the system. Having a youth or adult mentor there to provide support and guidance can help youth make it through hard times and achieve success. This site will help you learn the importance of both having and being a mentor and...

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The idea of normalcy for young people in foster care has to do with the idea that you should be able to take part in regular childhood activities despite being in foster care. In other words, the foster care system shouldn't prevent you from experiencing normal developmental activities, such as...

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Older Youth Adoption

Every year thousands of children in the United States age out of the foster care system and were not able to find Permanency. There is no reason why there numbers should be so high. Every child is loveable. Every child is adoptable, and every child deserves a forever home regardless of how old...

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Psychotropic Medications

Children in foster care are thirteen times more likely to be treated with psychotropic drugs than children who are not in foster care.

The reason? It's much easier to medicate a child than to spend the time and money on appropriate therapies and treatments. 

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Re-Connecting with Bio Family

For youth who've been in the foster care system reuniting with biological family can be complicated. There are many challenges to overcome in re-creating a relationship and both youth and adults have expectations about what it will look like. Likewise foster care can also serve as a boundary...

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Past experiences such as abandonment, abuse and poor adult role modeling often contribute to confusion about relationships.

"When you are abandoned, neglected and...

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sex trafficking

Human trafficking is a criminal business that profits from enslaving people for sexual servitude and forced labor. It is said to be a $32 billion worldwide industry, and the fastest growing and second largest criminal enterprise in the world today (second only to drug trafficking and tied with...

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Sibling connections

As many people with a brother or sister know, sibling connections are extremely important and often help define who you are as you grow up. Too many times, brothers and sisters who enter foster care are not able to live together. It is not uncommon to hear stories of how communication was...

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State Policy

This group is designed to help you track what's going on across the country in policy, including:
* introduction and passage of new laws
* state implementation of new policies
* publications about best practices
Plus - we want to hear from you! Share your...

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Transitioning (aging out)

Welcome to the Transition topic group, formerly the Transition Club on FosterClub.com. More than 20,000 young people transition out of foster care every year. If you are starting to think about life after foster care, use this topic group as your resource and support community to set you up ...

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