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Course Summary

For a youth in foster care, the transition out of care to independence is often difficult, confusing and filled with uncertainty. Being informed and prepared can make a big difference. The FosterClub Transition Toolkit is designed to help teens understand what successful transitioning from foster care means to them, how to prepare ahead of time, the importance of staying on the right course, and what resources are available to them as youth in and from the foster care system. The FosterClub Transition Toolkit is a step by step way for youth aging out of care to develop a transition plan (which is required by federal law). The Toolkit includes planning worksheets, record keeping, detailed maps and resources on the ten different transition-planning topics.

In this course, you can expect to learn:

  • The role of youth engagement in transition planning

  • The Federal legal/legislative requirements for transition plans

  • What a transition plan should include

  • How to use the FosterClub Transition Toolkit

Step 1

Watch this video of former FosterClub Board Member with lived experience Nicole Dobbins discuss transition & youth engagement.

Step 2

Review "Working With Youth to Develop a Transition Plan", provided by the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Step 3

Review the FosterClub Transition Toolkit. The publication is designed to help foster youth develop a transition plan. As a foster parent, you can introduce a young person to this tool and help them complete it. 

Step 4

Join the discussion in the comments below to answer the following question:

What major concerns have you heard from youth in your care about transitioning out of foster care?

Step 5

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Course Discussion

patriciaj's picture

patriciaj said:

My foster child is special need's i'm not sure he will understand why he has to go live in a new home?
mhowardjr35's picture

mhowardjr35 said:

I have not had older children who have left the home but I would think the feeling of having to do it all yourself- loneliness.
TheJLedQ35's picture

TheJLedQ35 said:

I don't have any older youth at this time but think it would be concerning to not have a plan in place and feeling alone
Desiree9157's picture

Desiree9157 said:

She is afraid of being alone and not having the supports she needs as well as not being able to provide for herself once she becomes an adult. I always reassure her that she will always have a home and a mother who loves and will be there for her always.
rrainey's picture

rrainey said:

My foster son is concerned with the future. He wants to be secure in the fact that he has someone he can turn to while in college or the job force regarding everyday life. For example appying for college, filing taxes, auto insurance, health insurance, etc.
Vendy's picture

Vendy said:

I believe a youth's biggest concer is questioning wither they can make it on their own. That is why a toolkit is so important to them To teach them how to make it on their own.
Vendy's picture

Vendy said:

This has to be very scary for young people. To leave their foster family and to be on their own. Their biggest fear is that they will be all alone and they have to be assured that many people and agencies are theit to help them succeed
CandTW's picture

CandTW said:

We have a little guy but, one concern is with his disability will services be there to support him. We will be his home to come home to, his place to do a load ( or more of laundry), but will he be able to have help through out his life in getting into college or a trade school, and keeping a job or a place of his own, or even a good group home if he ends up needing that down the road? Just incase we can't guide him into those, and self care is a huge deal with special needs kids and youth, wondering if he will go for physicals and get his teeth cleaned and maintained by a dentist?
Noodles's picture

Noodles said:

home cooked meals!
shasha411's picture

shasha411 said:

How will they adapt from being in foster care to becoming and adult. Being able to fend for theirselves and pay bills.