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Course Summary

For teenagers who have been living in foster care, the transition to adulthood presents many new and often daunting experiences. This course provides foster parents with guidance on how to help youth and emerging adults build a foundation for a successful transition to adult life outside of foster care.

In this course, you can expect to learn:

  • Unique challenges youth face when exiting foster care
  • Adolescent development and changes in the brain
  • Laws and programs to support transitioning youth
  • The critical role of foster parents
  • Tools to empower foster youth to prepare for the transition to adulthood

Step 1

Read this FosterClub Real Story written by Shawn Denise Semelsberger. She provides youth perspective about aging out of foster care unprepared.

Step 2

FosterClub recommends foster youth do 21 things before they transition out of care to make sure they have a successful journey to independence. Read FosterClub's "it's T time" to become familiar with steps foster youth should take before they leave foster care.

Step 3

Read this FosterClub Real Story written by Ricky Ballesteros, he provides valuable youth perspective about why transition planning is important.

Step 4

Review "Helping Youth Transition to Adulthood: Guidance for Foster Parents", developed by the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Step 5

Join the discussion in the comments below to answer the following question:

When do you think a young person should begin their transition plan?

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Course Discussion

sthornt531's picture

sthornt531 said:

Should start a plan 3 years before they transition out
epowell's picture

epowell said:

I believe that it varies person to person because some youth are more muture and the talk sooner than others. So it just depend if you as a parent believe your 16 year old is ready that begin the process. It really jut depend, but very important.
PatPlez123's picture

PatPlez123 said:

I feel that once the child is in H.S. (14 yrs. old) that discussion should begin at that time.
PatPlez123's picture

PatPlez123 said:

I feel that once the child is in H.S. (14 yrs. old) that discussion should begin at that time.
linneacnord's picture

linneacnord said:

I think the important information is that once a child is 18 they are not an adult magically ready to make adult decisions. They still need guidance and support from adults who know what it is to budget, pay bills, find housing,etc. It's important that just because a child phases out of the system that we don't just forget them and refuse them aid.
patriciaj's picture

patriciaj said:

I think it all depends on the young person and what they have had to deal with, what their situation is some people are able to deal with things where others are not. If their having problems maybe they should start sooner rather than later.
marknoah's picture

marknoah said:

Begin when they are in junior high. They will feel empowered early on!
gretchennoah's picture

gretchennoah said:

We have 5 kids and have transitioned 1 foster child over 18yr. I begin with all of my kids at 14 - 15 years old. Stay in school - do well - prepare for a future - never quit learning - and it's never too old to develop a love for reading.
mhowardjr35's picture

mhowardjr35 said:

At least one year before transition out of system. Sooner if able to.
Desiree9157's picture

Desiree9157 said:

I feel the transition plan should be implemented a year prior to the child leaving along with additional supports as needed.