Course Summary

Holidays should be filled with happiness and joy. Unfortunately, for some kids in foster care, this is not the case. Happiness and joy are sometimes replaced by anxiety and frustration. This page provides information to prevent that from happening.

In this course, you can expect to learn:

  • Understand a foster youth’s complex perspective and emotions regarding the holidays Identify signs of grief a child may exhibit
  • Build awareness about the incorporation of traditions and customs
  • Name strategies to help support young people through the holidays

Step 1

Read this blog written by #FosterClubYoungLeader, Lupe Tovar, "The Holidays: When Things Get Rough" by Lupe Tovar.

Step 2

Review these "12 Ideas for Supportive Adults to Help Foster Youth get through the Holidays": 

Step 3

Check out these "10 tips for Getting Through the Holidays" developed by youth in foster care, young people who know first-hand what it’s like:

Step 4

Help the children and youth in your home manage the holiday season, review the list of considerations in "Celebrating Holidays With Children You Foster", from Fostering Perspectives.

Step 5

Read this blog written by #FosterClubYoungLeader, Daniel J Knapp, to gain "A Young Alumni's Perspective of the Holidays".

Step 6

Join the discussion in the comments below to answer the following question:

How can you help a foster youth during the holidays?

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Course Discussion

bmitchell's picture

bmitchell said:

help them establish some traditions especially if you have siblings together
miss.denisha's picture

miss.denisha said:

In my home I would encourage them to spend time with both bio/foster families and also invite them to start a new tradition with both families together so they can see we can come together and there's no need for them to pick a loyalty. Make sure to include them in any celebrations I have with my family and watch for signs they are overwhelmed etc and make adjustments.
debra eldon's picture

debra eldon replied:

be careful with this some parents don't like us doing their job you could set yourself up if they come to your home they now no where you live they also will go tell lies such as they heard you yelling or just anything silly
1voswalt's picture

1voswalt said:

The holidays are rough, and stressful! I try my best to keep things low key and, for those kids who aren't use to big holidays, that's easy. I think the hardest thing is when you have older ones who definitely feel the void and then try to fill it with anything they can come up with. I like to keep things as simple as I can and it works for most of our kids. But, some have a much harder time with it than others.
1moswalt's picture

1moswalt said:

We often ask our youth what their favorite traditions are and their favorite memories. We try to make it feel as close to home as we possibly can. It does get difficult when their holiday memories aren't good ones.
CarolineShafer's picture

CarolineShafer said:

I have not had this experience yet, however, when it comes to that point I will do my best to share holiday traditions with them. This way they will have a positive outlook on holidays and enjoy them.
mshuffitt7's picture

mshuffitt7 said:

We included some of their traditions and introduced them to ours as well...
brookiedee's picture

brookiedee said:

For me, holidays are about family. I look forward to welcoming a foster child into our home during the holidays. This training made me realize that the foster youth may not be as excited about the holidays as I am. And that's ok. The tools the training provided will help both me and the foster youth get through the holidays.
ahoke21474's picture

ahoke21474 said:

Being a foster parent under kinship foster care makes the holidays a little easier because the children are already accustomed to family and traditions. this comment hit right at home thanks.
kjerideau's picture

kjerideau said:

We always include the kids in everything from picking out the tree, baking cookies, outside lights. Find out what they want to do and what they want for Christmas.