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Our foster youth's biggest fears are being alone. Our oldest is 20. She doesn't want to be adopted but she doesn't want to leave. You have to have a alternate approach to teaching her things because she is very hard and isn't receptive at times but we all know she is scared. She doesn't want to end up in project housing with her baby and I understand. She wants safe stability and I don't blame her.


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The scary big world out there is a big fear, especially without a traditional family to support you.

main concern

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My foster boys really don't have concerns as we continue to prepare them for adult hood. We talk about this on a daily basis.

She Doesn't Want to Be an Adult

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Her biggest concern is that she does not want the responsibility of being an adult and all the consequences that come with the decisions she makes. Even at age 22, she still wants to have here needs provided for without her having the responsibility for her actions. It's been a tough transition for her with multiple attempts to assist, but she needs to find her own way. Our hope and prayer is that she discovers her passion and able to commit to that dream with vision and purpose.


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My kiddo loves being with me... she's happy. She's been here for 2 years. If she were to leave... she is scared of losing the comfort and care she has gotten here.


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Two of my kids are still young so living is not yet in there mind, but they know that regardless they will always be able to call my home theirs. My oldest will be 16 in Dec. and honestly in her mind she can't wait to leave, but realistically she wondering how life will be once she do age out.


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My foster youth still young, but I'm worry if in the future he will still have this Resource and good to know more about this resource (TransitionToolkit).

Main Concern

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Our foster daughter's main concern is that she will a great education to jump start her life. Her grades were poor originally going into high school. She built her GPA back up her junior and senior year. This effort combined with working with colleges and their conditional exceptance programs helped her to be accepted to college - giving her a huge boost to her confidence and believe in herself and her abilities. All her life she was told she wouldn't go to college. Now she wants to help kids like her in the social service program and we have her set with scholarships so that she can someday get her masters degree. Just keep being the person who says "You Go Girl!"

Main Concern

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My 18+ foster child's main concern is getting a good jump start on life - including a good support network and someone to be able to fall back on when needed. A phone call or visit at college from a loving and parent-like role model is crucial to helping to feel grounded.

New Home

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My foster child is special need's i'm not sure he will understand why he has to go live in a new home?

main concern

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I have not had older children who have left the home but I would think the feeling of having to do it all yourself- loneliness.

Main concern

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I don't have any older youth at this time but think it would be concerning to not have a plan in place and feeling alone

My foster youth's main concern about leaving care

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She is afraid of being alone and not having the supports she needs as well as not being able to provide for herself once she becomes an adult. I always reassure her that she will always have a home and a mother who loves and will be there for her always.

Will he have support after he graduates high school

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My foster son is concerned with the future. He wants to be secure in the fact that he has someone he can turn to while in college or the job force regarding everyday life. For example appying for college, filing taxes, auto insurance, health insurance, etc.

Youths main concern

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I believe a youth's biggest concer is questioning wither they can make it on their own. That is why a toolkit is so important to them To teach them how to make it on their own.

Leaving foster care

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This has to be very scary for young people. To leave their foster family and to be on their own. Their biggest fear is that they will be all alone and they have to be assured that many people and agencies are theit to help them succeed


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We have a little guy but, one concern is with his disability will services be there to support him. We will be his home to come home to, his place to do a load ( or more of laundry), but will he be able to have help through out his life in getting into college or a trade school, and keeping a job or a place of his own, or even a good group home if he ends up needing that down the road? Just incase we can't guide him into those, and self care is a huge deal with special needs kids and youth, wondering if he will go for physicals and get his teeth cleaned and maintained by a dentist?

Welcome to my home!

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home cooked meals!

place to call home

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How will they adapt from being in foster care to becoming and adult. Being able to fend for theirselves and pay bills.

place to call home

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How will they adapt from being in foster care to becoming and adult. Being able to fend for theirselves and pay bills.


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Having money to pay for things.


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It's my gandchildren who are here with me now, to young to ask these type of questions yet. I would always make sure that any child that comes into my life knows that they are always welcome to be here at my home anytime.

A place to go "home" to

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My foster youth is young now but wants to go to college. Her worry is that when the other kids go home for the holidays, will she have a place to go? Is she able to stay on campus? Will she have a permanent home to go to at that time?