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I think it is important to know what type of medication, when and how much. To understand each side effects and to know all medication should be put out of the reach of children. If the medication is not working proper and you think something is wrong call the caseworker.


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It saddens me to see that children in foster are more likely to receive prescriptions for high dosages of multiple medications. Sadder is the money that doctors are receiving from pharmaceutical companies to prescribe these medications. I am shocked!

Educate yourself on the medication the child is prescibed

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I feel it is important to know exactly what the medication is treating and to review the side effects. It should be locked away that only you can access it and make sure child receives their medication on time daily followed by directions. It is important to look for signals if medication is not working properly or if child voices and says something is wrong when taking the medication.


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It is vital that medication not only be kept safely away from children, but that there is an accurate log showing what medication was given and when. It is also important to keep a file with the medication information and dosage locked with them medication incase of emergency so that someone else knows what they should give the child or children.

Caring for Foster Children for their best interest

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As a foster parent, HCTC Foster and adoptive parent of one, I have learned in time that majority of my foster children were in fact, overly prescribed medication more than any adult including elderly people in most cases. I took an interest in seeking second and third opinions from medical and pediatric doctors who help me make better choices in advocating for my Foster children. I urge families to work with foster children and us your adult and parental instinct to decrease the amount of prescription medications these children take and talk to the foster kids each and every day as to how they feel. Slowly, they will open up and for the most part, eventually comfy to the foster parent as to how the medications is making him or her feel availing the foster parent to have better parental power to advocate for these kids and not allow the system or doctors to fill these kids with powerful psychotropic prescription medications that just numb the foster child and renders a barrier in gaining control of their mental, physical and ability to move on from their past neglect or abuse.


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To control the issuance of medications to children always log all medications on a medication log sheet for the specific child. Also keep a medication safely locked away from children.


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To ensure that nobody other than the foster child takes their medication, it should be under lock and key. A medication log should be used each and every time medication is given to the child.


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You need to keep it locked up so others can't get to the medication. Also, knowing how many you have and have used, you can keep track of it.