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Hello! I aged out of foster care 14 years ago. My former foster mother (foster dad recently passed away) wants to adopt me and I'm FINALLY ready! only one problem. We've all spent over a month trying to find the correct petition papers to turn in to the District Court and continue to come up empty handed. I have a minor child and also a dd/mr petition but nothing for just an adult adoption. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome! Thank you


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Hey hi, its good to hear that. Look this kind of problem cannot be solved by discussing it over the forum. You need some expert or a professional to look into this matter. You guys can get some legal advice from the expert and can do the necessary process. My response over this issue will be that you should get a good attorney who can guide you throughout the process and stands by you. You can visit here if you want to seek some some good advice. One of my friend also discussed their adoption case with them and was happy.