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What makes me happy is coming home to a family that wants me and when have a success I can tell them.


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~Singing, Dancing, Art
~Eating Healthy Delicious Foods, Celebrations
~Praying, Meditating, Nature
~Sharing with my husband, friends, some family, pets
~Gratitude, Laughter,
~Giving, Receiving


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What makes me Happy ? My dogs, my mom and being able to be who I am. When I came out years ago, my parents were supportive. Never did they put me down for being gay. I have been lucky to of had several long term relationships. My last BF lasted 11 years. My only problem with me being gay, is not being able to have my own kid.
Smile :) pass one on to someone else. It's true what they say, when you smile at someone they usually smile back. I hope that life is treating you kind.