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Why is that growing up in foster care you don't have benefits after you age out? You have access to these benefits while you are in care in a few years later but after your term is up it's just up but why?

I take it from your comment

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I take it from your comment that you are over 21. I fully understand your sentiment and distress. The state was your parent when you aged out. Your parent should have some sort of peripheral help for you for as long as sensible. And since many kids are coming back to their homes at a higher rate and later in life (some as high as age 30 http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2015/06/10/Rise-New-Economic-Underclass-Mi... ) to their natural parents, why can't foster youth come back home to *their* legal parent, the state, for additional help at even what some would call an advanced age? This is a different economy now. It used to be that when I was a little kid, a guy coming out high school could live on a minimum wage salary at McDonald's or whatever and still be able to pay the bills while they worked towards the American Dream. That's just not true today. So, what then do we do about it? It might be a little late for you, but the foster brothers and sisters behind you need to advocate for a national law that says every state has to do a minimum of support until at least age 30. But in fairness, it has to be a *minimum* or else you just teach young people to rely on their parents to fix it every time they make a mistake or misjudge their budget. And engendering an expectation that someone else is going to fix something you screw up can be just as damaging as leaving kids to live in the street because they don't know how to live on their own at 18.