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i have a serious question that needs to be answered , when you age out of care are you able to access all of your records from the past ?

Whether or a not a young

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Whether or a not a young person has the right to access their case record varies depending on where you live. What state are you in? In many states, young people know have the right to access their records! However, be prepared for a bit of a wait, because the foster care agency will often have to go through a 'redaction' process (which means they blackout highly sensitive information that involves other people). Good luck - and let us know how it goes!

receiving your record

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Chances are no one is going to just give you a copy of your record when you age out or let you sit down and pore over it. There is a lot of stuff in those records that is considered sensitive information. There are statements about foster parents, sibling info, parent info concerning their personal treatment issues, stuff about adoptions (if applicable) considered confidential information, social security numbers of family and family resource members and phone numbers of people who may have been confidential informants, and just generally stuff that few legal staff have the time to go through and redact line by line to make it a legal record for you to look at. If you have specific questions, they can be answered or documentation to prove the answer may be provided, but it would be a very difficult process to just get to go over your record page by page, unfiltered.