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I'm trying to work on get foster kids to come out and talk about their foster homes for a reach project I want to make a app that will let foster children to be able to speak out and share their stories and find foster friends and tell people how you really feel please message me and tell me what you think.

what helps me

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HI I'm Eric and what I think how do they feel about there success. do they feel proud to say what they have done and check in with them if they may feel like will people judge me or wow I'm so proud of myself and I want to help other youth. for me I did not want to tell my story or reach out and get more foster parents till I was proud of myself inside and out. As that level of success went up I could not wait to tell my story. I now do foster family recruits hear and there I love to advocate and to tell more about foster care and that its not always bad.