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I really want to have a family reunion with my family but we don't always get along being in one place at one time.

Nice Ideas

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it is a nice idea to have a family reunion, you have a good ideas

Family reunion is one to bond

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Family reunion is one to bond with your extended family and get to know other unknown relatives. I have been into several family reunion. It strengthen the family relationship as a result and communication will be intact.


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Coming from a family of 9, and that is only counting my siblings, I know how hard it can be to find common ground. Growing up in foster care didn't help because we have little to no memories together that bond us. Over the years I have found that activities play a huge role in the success of our get together. If we are outside doing something interactive it is easier to focus on the activity than any disagreements that we may have about our past or current situations. I am from SD and some of the things we have experienced together are the beach, Balboa Park, free street festivals and farmer markets. Before I submit this comment I also want you to know that although your idea is great there is nothing wrong with divide and conquer. Sometimes I will just spend time with 3 or 4 siblings because its easier we can all fit in one car and bickering is less likely. Whatever you do I wish you the best of luck!

QUANNA!! Family reunions can

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QUANNA!! Family reunions can be great! Give it a try and see how it goes. You'll never know unless you try! When I lived with my adopted family,I had to go to a family reunion every year. It was a roller coaster ride, but there were always people who always talked to me about me and my future. When I moved out because of complicated issues, I stopped going to them for a couple years because i didn't want to see my adopted family and I knew there would be a huge blew out. It happens ha. Anyways, last year was my first year back to the reunion and it was great! I didn't see my adopted family, which was great! but what was more important to me was that I got to see the people who care about me. There's people who care about you and want to know how you are! You are the one who chooses who gets to stay in your life and who leave. Just because their blood doesn't mean their family! Miss you

Do it for yourself!

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hey Chaquanna! So I'm kind of in a similar situation. I'm from the east coast and was separated from my family 10 years ago who lives in the west coast. I'm on the west coast now and will possible have a chance to reunite with them because of this internship from fosterclub. Even though I know in my mind that I will have to prepare myself for disappointment because talking to them on the phone, I get a vibe that they haven't changed, I know in my heart that I have to do it for me and not for them. They don't deserve it honestly. They are greedy manipulative people but they are my family. I would very much regret it if something were to happen to them before I got to reunite with them. Even though my mind is telling me no, that they will disappoint me, my heart is screaming YES and I know it's what I have to do for me. So, if you are planning on doing this, remember to do it for yourself, not for them. Even if you guys don't get along, just try to forgive and be happy and stay POSITIVE! thanks for listening and I hope you do decide to reunite with your family!

I think it is a great idea to

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I think it is a great idea to have a family reunion. The majority of family reunions I have been to or have experienced vicariously through others, there has been issues that people do not always get along in one place at one time. However, the majority of the people do. It is good that you realize that you may not get along with everyone, but I think you will get along with one or more people. I think you should propose the idea to your family and see what they say, it never hurts to ask! Thank you for your question!