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I am from California and I had a question for my story: I had within two years ago, had been in a situation where my foster parents kept AB-12 money (or more or less stay as my foster parents if that makes sense) that my social worker agreed for them to keep as long as it was going towards my expenses when I visit on the weekends. The foster parents (whom I have been with my whole life) decided to not let me over with he exception of Christmas which they had me pay $2,000 to stay with them. By the end of the school year, I told my social worker and she was livid. My foster parents called it "holding a bed" for me and lied saying that they weren't getting that money. We (social worker and I) had talked that maybe I would get that money back but a year later, foster parents went to court over this and got three years probation and still got to keep there license. I was going to call my former lawyer from when I was in foster care to ask potential next steps but does anyone have any advice? It's been a year since they got probation and I am now 22 years old. I am in school about to graduate college next year.

Moving on

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You don't mention whether your former foster parents had to pay restitution. If so, move on. If they didn't, you may have the right to file a civil suit. But if I were you? I'd move on. Whatever the court awards you if you win the lawsuit? It's just going to come out of the skin of whatever foster kids they currently have in their home. I know that is a lot easier said than done. I've been wronged before myself. It's hard to know when to get on with your life instead of letting your anger hold you in one place.

In this case I think talking

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In this case I think talking to your lawyer will be a good option because lawyer can give you the better suggestion than any other person. Rather than foster homes I prefer assisted living( for keeping my parents for short duration of time.