14th Annual Michigan Teen Conference

FosterClub was proud to participate in this year's Michigan Teen Conference. 2014 All-Stars Justin McElwee and Amberlynne Finnet, along with Level 2 All-Star David VanHorn and staff member Angel Petite, traveled to Michigan to present FosterClub workshop and activities.

The conference, hosted by Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, teaches participants how to rent an apartment, apply for college and jobs, open a bank account, use social media effectively and manage relationships with birth parents, among other opportunities.

Teens also get the chance to stand up and tell their story to a group with similar backgrounds and realize they aren’t alone.

“Year after year, it’s amazing to see those kids share those things and experience and talk through them together,” said Keith Stump, a program manager with LSSM. “One of the reasons I became involved is because I’ve seen the value.”

Jun 18 to 19 2014, 8:00am - 4:00pm
MI, Ferris State University