Emily is responsible for coordinating Events and Training, Sales and marketing of Publications and Bulk Foster Parent Online Training subscriptions, Reformatting & Packaging of workshops and curriculum for distribution, providing information, training, and support for workshops to young leaders.

Get to know Emily!

FC: What do you do when you are not working?
EF: I am going on adventures with my son Ricky!

FC: Any family and/or pets you want to claim?
EF: My first baby, Joey, a 5-year-old miniature dachshund, and of course the love of my life, my 2-year-old son Ricky.

FC: What did you do before FosterClub?
EF: I jumped into work full-time my senior year and never looked back.  I climbed the corporate ladder and when I reached the top, I realized that wasn’t what I wanted anymore, I was successful, but not happy.  I wasn’t truly helping anyone or society in anyway.  That is when I knew I was meant to help others or create a positive change in society.

FC: Tell us two truths, one lie about you. (Don't tell us which one is the lie!)
EF: 1) I’ve had a weight loss of 110lbs 2) I worked at Microsoft when I was 18 years old 3) I hit an iceberg on a cruise ship while I was getting a pedicure.

FC: What is your favorite thing about coming to work each day?
EF: Being inspired by all the incredible people I work with both in the office and young leaders.  I am very thankful that I am able to be in a position that allows me to positively impact the foster care community and system.