By celeste22 — Aug 31, 2017

Hey Brian - check out these organizations online:
FosterClub (you already found it!)
Foster Care Alumni of America (
National Foster Care Youth and Alumni Policy Council ( Read more

By betaceleste222 — Aug 31, 2017

I had this same issue growing up in care and I was able to talk with my caseworker and let her know that it important for me to have a relationship with my only bio sister. I explained she is not a bad influence she just aged out, thats it. My caseworker then elevated my concerns to my lawyer and the judge granted visitation rights and phone... Read more

By kingdre88 — Aug 31, 2017

Well, we would need you to provide more information to answer this question. There are a lot of reasons why you are not allowed to talk to your sister. I was not allowed to talk to my sister, and brother because they moved out of the city. I had to talk to caseworkers and judges to help me get to talk to my family. I think you might have to do... Read more

By Christia — Aug 24, 2017

See if you can have a friend or someone who has your back come with you for support. Read more

By betaceleste — Aug 2, 2017

If you aren't allowed to talk to your sister you should tell the judge. Read more