I am having trouble accessing my foster care records. I live in Pennsylvania and my case worker has been unresponsive to my inquires. Any suggestions?

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Where in PA are you located and how old are you? Have you asked your foster parents to assist you in getting the records, or have you already aged out of the system? Have you tried contacting your Guardian Ad Litem or your CASA representative (if you have one)? Utilize the support people in your life to assist you in advocating for you in addition to advocating for yourself. Make certain to document all emails and phone calls with the caseworker and others representing your interests, and follow calls up with a summary confirmation email outlining what was discussed and what they said they would do and what you are responsible to do. If you are still in school, you can also talk to a school guidance counselor about your need for these documents as part of your transition planning for post high school life.