2013 Outstanding Young Leader

Tiffany Lozoya

23 years old
Spent over 5 years in Wisconsin's foster care system

Tiffany Lozoya graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater in 2012 with her Bachelor’s degree in Social work. While completing her undergraduate degree she was involved as a King/Chavez and McNair Scholar where she initially began conducting research on the topic of, “What Helps and Hinders Former Foster Youth in earning a College or Vocational Degree?” Tiffany is currently pursuing her Masters of Social Work degree at the University of California, Berkeley. She is very passionate about helping to increase knowledge, education, and assistance for foster youth. She states, “It is important that young people in foster care realize their own strength, resilience, and power to provoke positive change.” Her future goals include a career in social work working specifically with youth involved in out of home care and with independent living programs to increase the amount of support and information provided to foster youth about post secondary education. She believes education and planning are two keys to success and by helping foster youth to earn a higher education and utilize the resources available, she hopes to increase positive outcomes for these youth as they transition out of care. Tiffany’s long term goal is to establish a non-profit organization designed to help foster youth transition into post secondary institutions, as well as provide support during and after their completion.


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