When reviewing an All-Star's Application, special focus is always given to the recommendations we receive for the applicants. With hundreds of applicants every year and limited spots, the internship is very competitive. We appreciate the time you take to provide a letter of recommendation. The deadline for recommendations is February 20. Who should write recommendation? Caseworkers, teachers, mentors, coaches, church leaders, foster parents, and other supportive adults who are familiar with the young person. Friends and relatives should not provide recommendations.


1 (poor)2345 (average)678910 (excellent)unable to rate
The applicant has an appreciation of diversity and demonstrates respect and sensitivity to others regarding sexuality, gender and cultural differences
The applicant demonstrates leadership abilities
The applicant demonstrates maturity
The applicant is involved with the community or with volunteer efforts
The applicant's public speaking/advocacy experience
The applicant's ability to work on a team