2013 Outstanding Young Leader

Maggie Boone

20 years old
Spent 7 years in Delaware's foster care system
Nominated by: Amanda L. Brennan

Maggie is a full time college student majoring in Criminal Justice with a goal to become a forensic scientist. She is an intern with the Criminal Justice Council at Delaware State University. She has high aspirations and has begun a career of advocating to younger youth. She is actively involved around the state. Spending 7 years in the foster care system. Living in group homes much of the time she was in care built the willingness and desire to help others. Maggie has taken her own life experiences and uses them to advocate for others. She has done this by inserting herself into the places where policies get changed. Maggie is an Instructional Advocate for the Delaware Youth Advisory Council, when she has given presentations on DYOI (Delaware Youth Opportunities Initiative) efforts, LBGTQ issues, and many more topics. Maggie shows incredible commitment and maturity when speaking at Delaware Youth Opportunities Initiative meetings and activities. She has great leadership with both peers and child welfare professionals. Maggie’s work does not seem to end, as she participates on a number of policy and permanency groups. She has testified in front of the Legislative Hall at a Kid’s Caucus Meeting, as well as other causes. Maggie also helped write the HB 163- Ready by 21 legislation, which she was honored at a Tribute from the House of Representatives. Maggie’s drive and aspirations do not seem to end. She continues to provide invaluable insight about the life of a youth with foster care experience. Helping past, current, and future youth drives her efforts to improve the system.


Biography written by FosterClub volunteer: Michelle Trott
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