FosterClub prides itself on our relationship with young leaders from foster care. Many of the youth who complete the All-Star internship embody the tenacity and independent living skills identified as critical for their success in the real world. However, despite their accomplishments in traditional area's of success such as housing and education, many of our strongest leaders still seem to struggle with their ability to cope with relationship issues that stemmed from their time in care. Whether it is trauma based or reactionary to their circumstances, foster youth fight an invisible war in their personal pursuits as adults. Interpersonal relationships can often be the most rewarding and grounding element of an adult life, yet past experiences with birth families and foster care can act as long lasting barriers for youth to achieve healthy romantic relationships. The It's Complicated Project is inspired, lead, and informed by the experiences of foster youth and seeks to rectify the institutional barriers that hinder the emotional development and wellness of youth who have experienced the foster care system.

FosterClub is currently in the third year of the It's Complicated project that aims to build the capacity of our young leaders in addressing issues around sexuality and relationships for youth in foster care. Our Core Leadership Team (CLT) is made up of a handful of former foster youth who utilize their personal experiences to influence the direction and focus of the project. The It's Complicated project also partners with Answer, a national organization dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive sexuality education to young people, as well as the adults who teach them. Answer contributes out side perspective and technical assistance to FosterClub and the CLT in the ongoing development of curriculum and policy.

JOIN US: One of the primary accomplishments of the It's Complicated project thus far has been to increase the capacity of our organization and young leaders to deliver the training and workshop materials we've developed to address this issue. If you're a child welfare program interested in contracting with FosterClub to do sexuality and relationships training with your youth or staff please contact us with at least 30 days notice.

For more information about the It's Complicated project or to schedule a training please contact FosterClub's Youth Program Coordinator

Kayla VanDyke

(503) 717-1552