If you have questions about the FosterClub Outstanding Young Leaders recognition program or would like assistance completing the form, please call 503-717-1552 or email KaylaM@fosterclub.com.


Before Starting the Application
Please read the FosterClub Audio, Photo & Video Agreement and select below if you agree.
Youth Information
Please submit a photo that can be published on our website.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Contact info
Personal Statement
Please include foster care experience (number of placements, and any challenges), achievements are you proud of, organizations you work with, current situation (attending school, working, and/or interning). Consider including a hobby or fun fact about yourself. (Limit 500 characters.)
Why do you deserve to be recognized as a FosterClub Outstanding Young Leader? Consider describing how you’ve given back in your community. You may list volunteer work, honors you’ve received for activities at school or church, leadership groups you participate in. (Limit 500 characters.)
Share your education goals and career plans. What do you plan to achieve in the future? What do you dream about becoming in life? (Limit 500 characters)
Why do you think giving back is important? (Try to limit to 1-2 sentences or a phrase.)
Story Elements
Please check items below that relate to your own personal story and that you are comfortable talking about. This is optional, but helps us connect you to future opportunities.
If you selected other in personal experiences, please list them here.
You may check all that apply.
If you selected other in placement experiences, please list that here.