Director of Operations

Pronouns: He, Him, His

Chris currently lives in Traverse City MI. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking and anything that allows him to interact with nature. His outlook on life was most influenced by an aunt and uncle that are homesteaders and grandparents that cared for 99 foster youth during their lives. His optimistic and playful nature come in handy when raising 2 children that are currently 10 and 13.

Chris received a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University, where he had a specific focus on youth in foster care and youth transitioning out of care. He led an effort to open multiple transitional living homes as his internship project and was involved in academic research that explored the developmental needs of youth in foster care. In short, Chris has been dedicated to youth in care since Beyonce was with Destiny’s Child.

Chris has found professional success by being an active listener, a fierce advocate and a curious learner. Early in his career, Chris was eagerly building programs, creating new interventions, advocating for better systems and ultimately being motivated by creating a healthier world. He spent many of those early years working in adolescent behavioral healthcare settings, eventually running an emergency youth center that offered counseling, respite services, mental health programs, foster youth support, youth development activities, and caregiver education/support.

Prior to joining FosterClub, Chris worked as the CEO of a large behavioral health organization in northern Michigan, where he was the recipient of 2 national awards for his work, one including an invitation to the White House. However, after witnessing the negative impact the pandemic had on young people, Chris decided to take his experience and passion to FosterClub as the Director of Operations. “The type of work that FosterClub has pioneered is not only inspiring, but quite frankly, is critical,” he shared. “I am honored to support to a team that is so fearless and committed.”