Catherine Teague is our Young Leaders Program Manager. 

Get to know Catherine!

FC: What are your primary responsibilities?
CT: I keep FosterClub’s network of Young Leaders connected, educated, inspired, and represented. I manage the All­-Star Internship Program, Outstanding Young Leaders Program, and PeerUp. I also connect young leaders to advocacy opportunities and work to provide necessary logistical and event support.

FC: What do you do when you are not working?
CT: I love to read! Mostly fiction books. My favorite book series is A Song of Ice and Fire and my favorite author is Stephen King. When I want to relax I like to knit and play with my dog, Nymeria. I am also an avid watcher of Netflix and listener of podcasts.

FC: What did you do before FosterClub?
CT: I come to FosterClub with a bachelor's degree in sociology from Cal Poly Pomona and a background in social science research. Directly before coming to FosterClub, I served as a support staff at Renaissance Scholars, a comprehensive support program located in the Division of Student Affairs that empowers former foster youth through higher education. While in school, I volunteered and worked with many organizations to support underrepresented students.

FC: Tell us two truths, one lie about you. (Don't tell us which one is the lie!)
CT: I once set my hair on fire, I love to watch hockey, I have never travelled outside of the country.

FC: What is your favorite thing about coming to work each day.
CT: My favorite thing about working with FosterClub is seeing our young leaders become passionate about advocacy. 

FC: A favorite quote
CT: "A reader lives a thousand lives before she dies. The woman who never reads lives only one."