So Far

By Amairani1996 — Aug 9, 2016

So far, being an All-Star has been a valuable experience. For the first time I have been given the opportunity to be an independent young adult. This internship has been preparing me in a variety of ways; including moving out before the end of this... Read more



By Aliyah16 — Aug 8, 2016

Starting when I was three years old, DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) was called on my mom a total of eight times. When I was 14, we were finally offered family therapy, my family therapy never worked because it didn't feel right,... Read more


Prevention Services: What Could Have Been

By Cody Rivera — Aug 7, 2016

Prevention services could have kept my sibling and I from ever being separated from our mother, 12 years ago. With that said, I would like to offer a few ideas of preventative services to you that I believe would have helped my family from ever... Read more


When Applying for the All- Stars Internship I Never Expected This...

By ellenajones029 — Aug 7, 2016

Foster Care is not the easiest of events to live through. I find that on any given day I reflect back on my many hardships re-evaluating how I could have improved on an array of traumatic events. However, when I started this internship at FosterClub... Read more


This Could of Been Prevented

By Brittney Barros — Aug 7, 2016

Preventative services could of saved my family and I from being torn apart by the foster care system. Before being taken into state custody, we were homeless for nearly seven months. Seven months of living outside, in dirty motels, couch surfing,... Read more


The Best Situation Possible

By lilrocker392 — Aug 4, 2016

To have a different perspective about preventive measures, I felt foster care was the most appropriate placement for me because my mother and extended family were not able to give the support and needs in order to be successful as a child. It can be... Read more


Creative Expression CONTEST: What Family Means to Me. Win $100!

By Ryan FC — Aug 3, 2016

You are invited to enter FosterClub's CREATIVE EXPRESSION contest! Art, poetry, music, essays - and any other creative outlet - are encouraged that capture the theme: "What Family Means to Me". For young people in foster care, family connections can... Read more