This is strictly stories from young people in and from foster care. This is why we do what we do, there are some amazing insights in here definately worth reading.

Opportunity Part 3

Luckily in the state of Ohio, foster youth in the Franklin County child welfare system have a wide variety of opportunities that they can take advantage of. At the age of 15 we are asked to participate in a serious of life skills courses, at the age... Read more

Know Your Arizona Resources

As foster youth, we may need resources to keep us on the right track. Because of the additional challenges foster youth face, we find ourselves having to depend on the state for money and answers to our questions. Speaking from my own experience,... Read more

Resources for Nevadians

Nevada Resources
Throughout foster care, especially at age out, most youth have opened a door that allows us to pursue a higher education, as well as providing stability in our living arrangements. Since I have experienced aging out of care, going into extended care... Read more

Knowing Your Benefits - Texas

Aging out of foster care was probably one of the biggest life transitions I have experienced thus far. Although, I was educated on all of the resources that were available for me I allowed myself to think that if I dared asked for help, I was... Read more

California Love

Hey there fellow Californians! Want to know a few resources that are available to you as a foster youth? I hope the answer to that is yes! If the answer was not a yes, I still encourage you to keep reading, I promise it’ll still be a tad bit... Read more

If you're ever in Vermont

Off we go again! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. Parades, fireworks, and good old family fun. This week I'm going to provide information and resources in the state of Vermont just in case someone doesn't know and needs some... Read more

Opportunity Part 2

Achievement has always been my number one motto. Although I have achieved many of my desires, I didn't get there solely on my own determination but with the help of the people that said I could not achieve. There was an instance in my life where I... Read more

Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn.

When people have asked me how I “made it” through the foster care system, many things come to mind for me; but one characteristic that I feel has particularly helped me successfully navigate life is this: my stubbornness. Sure, stubbornness may not... Read more

Blog #3

Some of the resources in Texas may include things like a tuition waiver. A tuition waiver takes care of the payments for classes. The tuition waiver is beneficial in all Texas state funded colleges or universities. If it is a private school such as... Read more