This is strictly stories from young people in and from foster care. This is why we do what we do, there are some amazing insights in here definately worth reading.

My First Post!!!!!

Writing a blog is not something I have much experience with but who says you cannot try! My name is Sabrina Petrie and I am 24 years old. I spent 5 years in New York state’s foster care system. I am currently majoring in History at the State... Read more

All About Me

My first time in care was during third grade, attending Mustang Public Schools. I bounced around inpatient facilities due to lack of foster homes and fear of liability for my yet-to-be-trained kinship home after roughly six months in care. After... Read more

One for the Books

I’m not sure writing only one blog entry about my experience during this internship will quite do it justice, but I’m going to try! My idea of what I thought the internship was going to be like and what it was actually like was definitely a bit off... Read more

Take Control

To a certain extent, we have control over our own lives. We hold the magic wand to our future and our fate. Some might be questioned by that statement, but give me a chance to explain why. I was asked to spell out my biggest piece of advice that I... Read more

To Whom it May Concern

If you’re reading this you may very well be in foster care. Foster care is capable of trying you until feel like giving up. Everyone in the child welfare system is put there for different reasons and at different ages. You may be with your siblings... Read more

More Usefulness

For the last blog we have been asked to give some advice to a youth in foster care going through a rough time. I think that this is really important because it is easy to feel like you are going through this alone especially if you haven’t met... Read more