This is strictly stories from young people in and from foster care. This is why we do what we do, there are some amazing insights in here definately worth reading.

This Could of Been Prevented

Preventative services could of saved my family and I from being torn apart by the foster care system. Before being taken into state custody, we were homeless for nearly seven months. Seven months of living outside, in dirty motels, couch surfing,... Read more

The Best Situation Possible

To have a different perspective about preventive measures, I felt foster care was the most appropriate placement for me because my mother and extended family were not able to give the support and needs in order to be successful as a child. It can be... Read more

Meet Amairani

I believe life is what you make of it. My name is Amairani Morales. I was born in Mexico City in the town of Distrito Federal. I moved regularly during my childhood; I always thought it was exciting. I was able to live in different states, meet... Read more

Passing the Baton

So far, my three and a half-week experience as a FosterClub All-Star has been one of the most fulfilling and impactful moments in my life to youth in foster care. Specifically, my time spent with the other All Stars in the office and at our duplex... Read more

One for the Books

My All-Star experience has been a little different than I thought it would be which I think (overall) has been for the betterment of myself. See, I live alone, prefer to do homework alone, and even go to the movies alone. My spontaneous Friday night... Read more

Her Life in a Snap Shot

Brittney Barros, after living with neglect, entered her first time in care at the age of 11. After struggling for a long time, her mom finally regained custody of Brittney and her siblings. Watching her mom beat drug addiction and getting a stable... Read more