This is strictly stories from young people in and from foster care. This is why we do what we do, there are some amazing insights in here definately worth reading.

The Great 08

Since I have been here wow I have seen some change in everyone here. you know I dont think we can even begin to fatham the changes we as all stars have made. changes ranging from getting things done on the hill to making differences in the lives of... Read more

Meaningful not Meaningless

What's up World, I had a session with my therapist today and we were discussing the ups and downs of my life, because I have had so many lately. I have been working towards a sense of stability in a lifestyle change I am choosing to pursue. As you... Read more

My Experience So Far

Okay, so as you know i have been living in Seaside Oregon since June 6th. All i have to say is that I love being an allstar, it has challenged me and helped me grow as a person. I think that the best thing about being an allstar is that i get to... Read more

I need some advice!!!

Hey World, I currently have a problem with one of my younger siblings. He is 18 and we arent getting along so well. He blames me and the rest of the family for problems that he has created for himself. He tries to use my blessings against me by... Read more

Oregon and Cali...What a BLAST!

At this point, I have already participated in two conferences: Oregon and California!! I'm excited because I had a blast at both conferences. The Oregon conference was my first and I think that I can speak for all of the All Stars (past and present... Read more