This is strictly stories from young people in and from foster care. This is why we do what we do, there are some amazing insights in here definately worth reading.

Let It Go

In one week I will be able to let the little things go... Growing up I never had this option. I always felt like I was the head of the household. I took a big part in making sure all my siblings woke up on time, brushed their teeth, ate their... Read more

A Week At Foster Club

In one week at FosterClub, I can experience times of organization and structure to immediately the opposite. One of the main challenges I have endured during this internship with FosterClub, has been learning how to function even when everything... Read more

Time Well Spent

In a week, I can travel to a different state to help facilitate a conference for juniors and seniors in high school and transitioning future freshman in college. I can look at a hundred or so youth with a hundred or so unique stories of neglect,... Read more

In One Week I Can..

Hello Readers, I sit here thinking "What is it I can do in one week?" but what comes to mind is not relevant. Before this internship my life was very grey in my eyes. I would wake up and just go through the day in auto pilot. I wouldn't apply myself... Read more

Being Proud to be in Foster Care

I was in fourth grade when I started to realize that my family wasn’t normal. In school one day, we had a presentation about abuse. A nice lady came and talked to our class about the warning signs of abuse and what you should do if you feel unsafe... Read more

One Thing FosterClub Has Taught Me

I have been involved in advocating for myself and other foster kids for four years now. Because of this I looked at myself as a pro when it came to public speaking, I mean I could stand up and tell my whole life story to anyone who cares to listen... Read more

People Love the Underdog

Define: Underdog (noun) 1) A person, team, or entity believed to have a poor chance of success, winning, or achieving some other goal. 2) A victim of injustice or persecution I’m not a professional.. in anything really. But I know I have a lot of... Read more

Making Progress

Hello Everyone, So today is my first blog post for the internship. Since our arrival here at FosterClub's headquarters, Amy and I have attended Portland Code School to give us a crash course on web technologies and helped brush up our skills. I... Read more