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Tristan knows the power of sharing your story. As a young trans man, he spent nine months in the foster care system and faced many adverse experiences because of his identity. As a FosterClub Young Leader and a strong advocate for LGBTQ youth, Tristan’s advocacy work was fundamental to the success of Nevada’s Assembly Bill 99, a measure signed into law in 2017, which requires child welfare workers and foster parents to undergo training to better serve LGBTQ youth. Learn more about his story in the Family Equality Council's #StatesofEquality short.

Tristan says, "The whole reason I was placed with these families is because they were asked one question - if they would take a transgender foster youth. And if they answered yes, they could take in a transgender foster youth. They didn't have to take any classes; there was no required training. They really weren't prepared to take me. Even though they thought they were. "

"I had experienced a lot of discrimination ... and I didn't want that to happen to anyone else." 

Read the entire story and learn more about the issue at

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He really knows the power of sharing story.
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I did not even know that such cases are possible. Thank you very much. It is interesting that people in the world face a similar problem. I even have a boss with a company(site: that has come across such discrimination.

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You are the strong person. Make the example for the others. Keep going!