Physical well-being is a core component of our overall health. Our ability to perform at our best and to tackle life's problems are all heavily influenced by how our body is feeling and the tone of our minds. Check out some of these blogs to help give you some guidance around well-being during and after foster care.

Death on the Beach

Today I took a walk on the beach. I notice how as I walked I was stepping on broken shards of shells. It is as if every time the tide comes and goes it deposits all its left overs. Its like the act of the waves coming and going is the ocean purging... Read more

Truly Honored and Humbled

I'm new at this blogging thing so excuse me if I don't do it right. However, I love to talk and will not stop unless told so blogging should be a breeze. I mean, blogging is like talking nonstop but online :) I'm so truly blessed and honored to have... Read more

Foster Care

Foster Care I just finished watching the movie The Blindside such an aspiring movie a movie I enjoyed also a movie I can relate to. Each year there are thousands of kids who are a ward of the state to many times these kids don't get to experience... Read more

Recycle Your Trash : )

I always enjoy learning knew things. Everyone makes mistakes and that is ok, as long as you can take something positive from it. The whole glass half empty, half full saying is very true. It is all on how you look at things. I have thought a lot... Read more


She feels less pretty less worthy sad and stuck. like her family, critical and harsh negative and pessimistic all those things a man used to call her But deep inside the stronger part of herself resists and knows that she is not and she fights to... Read more


Wassup People... I struggled with my faith ever since I was a young child. My bio parents always told me about God, that I should fear Him. That He was the creator of this universe and that His son, Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of our sins... Read more

Re: Life

Life has been easy but it has also become hard for me in the past few weeks, because I am constantly realizing my insecurities and trying to pinpoint where they stem from. In addition, I criticize myself and others for my hurt feelings - my father... Read more