Want to see how policy is being impacted by young people? Go no futher, check out some of these blogs for some new insights.

Watch Greta's Congressional Testimony

On September 15th, U.S. Congressional Representatives met to review the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoption Act of 2008. They wanted to hear from the perspective of a smart and successful young person from foster... Read more

Policy Issue: Access to Records

Should young people in foster care have the right to access their own records? Who should be responsible for making sure they get copies of critical documents like their birth certificate or social security card? Check out this recent article from... Read more

Policy 101: Relatives as Guardians

In most states, relatives and others who become permanent, legal guardians for a child in foster care lose federal financial assistance and services once the child exits foster care (as opposed to most foster placements and many adoptions, which... Read more

Policy 101: Adoption

Although foster care is an important safety net for some children, it was intended to be a temporary arrangement. Children have a better opportunity for growing and developing when they are living with a safe family on a permanent basis. Reunifying... Read more

Policiy 101: Financing Reform

The vast majority of dedicated federal funding for child welfare is currently reserved for supporting children in foster care placements and cannot be used for prevention services or other supports for children after they leave foster care. States,... Read more