These blogs are centered around the conversation of LGBTQ issues in foster care. Learn more about the challenges that youth face and what kind of resources exist to help. Whether you are an adult supporter or youth, feel free to explore and contribute to the community and discussion.

David's Story

As long as I can remember, I have been in DCF care. I remember every year my parents would switch off custody of me on a regular basis. My mother was amazing. I remember always wanting to tell her that I was gay but just couldn’t muster the courage... Read more

Lucina's Story

My childhood was filled with war and terror, from growing up in a war-torn country to fighting my own battle with accepting my identity as a Queer Black Muslim girl. I was born in Liberia during my country’s second civil war that displaced so many... Read more

Marcus' Story

I am Marcus Bell; I am 27 years young and I was raised in the system. I came into care at the age of six months along with my two brothers. I was placed into six different foster homes and separated from my siblings several times. Although, I... Read more

Dameon's Story

Sometimes life gives you a bad hand. With your cards already dealt, there’s nothing else to do but take a seat and play the game. At the age of 6, I was brought into the foster care system after accidentally burning down mine and my mother’s room –... Read more