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Instead of one class of All-Stars this summer, FosterClub decided to double the size of the program with 2 sessions of All-Stars. The first session (Session A) arrived in Seaside to begin their internship on May 14th and left around July 15th. The second session (Session B) arrived in Seaside to begin their internship on July 2nd and will be leaving at the end of August. Listed below is a partial list of some of the event and experiences so far....
Session A Bandon Oregon Teen Conference. When: June 16. Shaune, Robert, Tasha, Daniela, Tonya, Dauntea attended the Confernce. More info to follow.... Oregon Teen Conference. When: June 20 - 23th. Seven All-Stars were able to experience this amazing conference held at Corban University. Maine Teen Conference. When: June 22. More info to follow.... Camp to Belong, Oregon. When: June 20 - 24th. Two All-Stars were able to experience the entire week of this amazing sibling camp. 9 Of the All-Stars were able to participate on the final day of camp. You can read more about it here: Donald's Experience At Camp to Belong Camp to Belong, California. When: June 28 - 30th. Two All-Stars and a staff presented four workshops at this sibling camp: Get A (Financial) Life, Getting Solid,Sibling Connections, Tell it Like it Is. Healing Circle / VOCA All-Stars have participated in a series of small group discussion with this organization based in Astoria - which provides a group support setting to children and the families that care for them. The presentations have been very informative and provided a space for youth and families involved in foster care to bond. National Resource Center for Youth Development & the Children's Bureau Visit When: July 6th -8th. Members of the National Resource Center for Youth Development and the Children's Bureau visited FosterClub when both sessions were in Seaside. The All-Stars got the chance to learn about many of the resources available for foster youth provided by The National Resource Center for Youth Development, and the All-Stars were able to give some insight about the system at round-table discussions. New Jersey Youth Conference When: July 14th. The 3 All-Stars and 1 staff member that went to this conference participated in event for approximately 200 youth. While they were there, they produced Independence City and conducted a mini-transition panel with the All-Stars. In their spare time they had an exhibit table to share all of FosterClub's resources and curriculum with the youth. American Bar Association's Children and the Law Conference When: July 15th. Three All-Stars and one staff member were able to participate in the conference. At the conference, this group of young people produced a plenary panel: Young Adults Advise Attorneys on Critical Issues for Representing Older Youth in Care. The group received a standing ovation. Howard Davidson, Director of ABA Center on Children and the Law, remarked that this panel was the best youth panel he had ever seen. Great work All-Stars! Nevada Teen Conference When: July 14th and 15th. Four All-Stars and one staff member headed to the Nevada Teen Conference. In those two days, they delivered four workshops (Getting Soild, Brand Me,Get Educated, It's Who You Know), led an ice-breaker activity during an opening session for 75 youth, and manned an exhibit table. Children's Defense Fund 's Proctor Institute When: July 19th - 22st. Two All-Stars from Session A participated, at the invitation of MaryLee Allen. Photo Shoots FosterClub was also to conduct two full-day photo-shoots with the All-Stars with Don Frank Photography). Don produced headshots for each of the All-Stars, and we also did several on-location shoots in Seaside around the themes of high school, the beach, arcade/retro, and urban garage. One of the photos from the photoshoot is above. Saying Goodbye (for now) Session A completed the 9 week in-residence portion of their internship. We are still wrapping up the evaluation process and will be reporting out on all activities after our busy summer season. It was a hard goodbye, but we will see them throughout the year. : Donald reflects on his time in Seaside Session B Session B started on July 2nd. FosterClub conducted 2 weeks of training with the help of the Session A All-Stars. Read Paulette's reflections on training. EVOO When: July 18th. After this long training session, FosterClub staff member Steve arranged a special lunch to be donated by the upscale EVOO Cooking School in Cannon Beach, which provided a very moving experience for the EVOO owners and a special experience for the All-Stars who participated. Bob, the owner of EVOO, wrote about the experience in his blog . Also, make sure you check out a video blog about the experience from Tracye and Jaleesa : Tracye's EVOO Video Blog Tillamook Retreat When: July 11 - 14th. Four of the All-Stars went to the Tillamook youth Retreat and had the opportunity to spend quality time with some of Oregon's foster youth. Both the youth and the All-Stars came away from the experience with many great memories. Summer Institute On Youth Mentoring A number of All-Stars had the opportunity to speak at Summer Institute On Youth Mentoring. Researchers and mentoring program leaders (professional staff) from around the country attended. In all, there were approximately forty professionals in attendance. This year the theme of the summer institute was the mentoring of youth who have had contact with the child welfare system and/or the juvenile justice system. One of the All-Stars, Crystal, gave here input on the importance of informal mentoring networks. You can read about her reactions to the event here:Crys' Blog Summer Symposium On Mentoring Research Some of All-Stars provided input on mentoring relationships at the Summer Symposium On Mentoring Research at Portland State University. They attended a series of research talks with special guests (which included the All-Stars themselves). The theme was the mentoring of youth who have had contact with the child welfare or juvenile justice systems. Portland State University Research-Practice-Policy Forum Two All-Stars and one staff were present to participate in the conversation among national mentoring leaders about challenges to mentoring and the mentoring relationship. Also, the All-Stars provided keynote remarks at an evening reception that kicked off the MENTORs national meeting. Porch Productions Visit When: June 28th & 29th. Producer Matt Anderson, and filmmaker Paige Williams from Porch Productions and creators of From Place to Place visited Seaside and spent some time working with the All-Stars. PSU Better Futures project When: July 24th - 27th. Two All-Stars, Michele and Samson, attended a four-day retreat designed to increase post-secondary preparation and engagement of youth with serious mental health conditions in foster care. Native Teen Gathering When: July 18th - 21st. Four All-Stars and one staff member took an eight hour road trip to Ashland, OR to participate in the Native Teen Gathering at the Box R Ranch. The All-Stars provided two workshops and an activity. Foster Family-based Treatment Association Annual Conference Lake Buena Vista, Florida. 7/24 -7/27. Three All-Stars and one staff member participated in the 25th annual conference by providing the opening keynote presentation to approx. 350 people, which included researchers, social workers, child welfare professionals, and foster parents. They received a standing ovation and made excellent contacts throughout the week and made many connections when they staffed a FosterClub exhibit table. Additionally, they were so fortunate to be treated to complimentary Disneyworld tickets by FFTA. You can read about the experience in Jaleesa's Blog. Article for National CASA Shaden Jedlicka produced an article for National CASA's online magazine Connections. Once published, we'll share here. In the meantime, check out Jaleesa's article in the Spring issue of the Connection, How My CASA Volunteer Helped Me Flourish Upcoming in August: * International Youth Participation Conference, Italy * Aspire Youth Conference, Oregon * NYTDConference, Washington DC * Arkansas Teen Conference * Daniel Memorial National IL Conference, Texas * Idaho DiscoveryLand Company Foundation event


Busy Summer at FosterClub

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