For youth who've been in the foster care system connecting with family can be complicated. There are many challenges to overcome in creating a relationship and both youth and adults have expectations about what it will look like. Likewise foster care can also serve as a boundary between siblings and other family members as well. Fortunately there are a lot resources to assist youth and adults in re-building these important relationships in a healthy and safe way. See the blogs below for more infomation on family relationships.

New Recommendations Released - Historic Opportunity for Reform in Child Welfare: Quality Residential Services

On February 28th, the National Foster Care Youth & Alumni Policy Council released a new statement: A Historic Opportunity to Reform the Child Welfare System: Youth & Alumni Priorities on Quality Residential Services with 6 priorities,... Read more


Part of the DC Comic universe, Shazam!’s main character, Billy Batson, is a foster kid. What this movie gets right is a nuanced portrayal of all the ins and outs of the complicated foster experience, couched in an entertaining movie that reveals the... Read more