Looking to learn the basics about entering foster care? Have questions? Or want to discuss what it's like with other young people who've been there? You can find that in the blogs listed below.

Meet Amairani

I believe life is what you make of it. My name is Amairani Morales. I was born in Mexico City in the town of Distrito Federal. I moved regularly during my childhood; I always thought it was exciting. I was able to live in different states, meet... Read more

My Story

Hello again!! I hope you are all enjoying reading our blogs and getting to know us. We are so excited to meet you all and share experiences to hopefully inspire you all. Just a little bit about myself: I entered the foster care system in Colorado at... Read more

Movie Night

Lights, Camera, Action! We've got a great line-up of movies that feature foster care themes. Watch 'em — then share 'em — to raise awareness and resources for kids in foster care! Check out the great movie listed below, then plan a... Read more