Marcus' Story

I am Marcus Bell; I am 27 years young and I was raised in the system. I came into care at the age of six months along with my two brothers. I was placed into six different foster homes and separated from my siblings several times. Although, I... Read more

Lacey Baker: Boundary-Breaking, Skater Bad Ass, and a Former Foster Kid

Lacey Baker
Lacey Baker is a rising star in the traditionally male-dominated skate world. She started skateboarding a few months after she started walking. She was two, briefly living in foster care in Southern California, and couldn't stop staring at the half-pipe set up in the backyard. "I was obsessed with watching my foster brothers skate," she says. "They asked me what I wanted for Easter and immediately my answer was skateboard." Read more

Passing the Baton

So far, my three and a half-week experience as a FosterClub All-Star has been one of the most fulfilling and impactful moments in my life to youth in foster care. Specifically, my time spent with the other All Stars in the office and at our duplex... Read more

California Love

Hey there fellow Californians! Want to know a few resources that are available to you as a foster youth? I hope the answer to that is yes! If the answer was not a yes, I still encourage you to keep reading, I promise it’ll still be a tad bit... Read more

Medi- Cali in California

Medi-Cal is the California version of the Federal Medicaid program. The Medi-Cal program provides health care coverage for low-income residents of California. Although the Affordable Care Act allowed for former foster youth to have their Medical... Read more