HRC All Children - All FamiliesAll youth in the foster care system are faced with difficult circumstances and obstacles to overcome. These challenges are amplified when a young person identifies as LGBTQ. During National Foster Care Month in May, FosterClub and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's All Children - All Families (ACAF) project encourages everyone to support efforts to provide LGBTQ foster youth with safe homes and support networks - #FosterEquality

Understand the Issue:


Tristan's story

"Being in foster care is hard enough without tacking on the extra weight of being LGBTQ." Tristan is a trans man who experienced discrimination while in foster care. Read Tristan's story and understand why a call for the safety and equal care of LGBTQ youth in care is needed.



Mark's story

"My foster dad said that I couldn't be gay in his house." Mark became his high school's first openly gay prom king, but in his foster home he was consistently threatened and verbally bullied for being gay. Read why finding safe placements for LGBTQ foster youth is important.



Veda's story

"I was afraid coming out as a lesbian would overshadow all my other attributes - that I would eternally be looked at as "the lesbian" and not "the student" or "the friend." While in kinship care, Veda struggled with taking care of her ailing grandmother, her racial identity and her sexual identity. Learn how more supportive adults in her life, could have helped ease the hardships she faced.


Isaiah's story

"My foster parents' support gave me confidence to come out freely and start being the real me." Isaiah was placed in two separate, but very religious foster homes. Read about the two very different experiences and how having a supportive foster family can help LGBTQ youth thrive.


Blue Foster Care Ribbons

About National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month, a month set aside to acknowledge those who help children and youth in foster care find permanent homes and connections... More >

Hear from more foster youth. Read the #FosterEquality stories of Emmie, Kristopher, Julia, and Ernesto.

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