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May is National Foster Care Month, a month set aside to renew our commitment to the more than 430,000 youth in foster care and the caring adults in their lives, like foster parents, child welfare professionals, state stakeholders, policymakers, and FosterClub.

2018 is the 2nd year FosterClub dares you to care. Funds raised will go toward services provided to foster youth across the nation, including Young Leader programs, All-Star Interns, Training and Education, and much more.

Here are some ways you can Dare to Care:

  • Tell your friends if they donate enough to meet your fundraising goal you will dye your hair blue
  • Bake your favorite cookies, sell them to friends and donate
  • Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds
  • Save all of your recyclable bottles/cans in May...return them and donate proceeds
  • Have a can drive with your friends and donate the proceeds
  • Hike for cash. Invite friends to hike with you for a donation or to pay you by the mile.
  • Donate your birthday on Facebook
  • Penny" drive...gather up all of your loose change and challenge your friends to do the same

Last year, FosterClub’s Adam Orton promised to shave his head if he met his fundraising goal. Here is Adam shaving his head on FaceBook after we all made sure he met that goal!  

How can you Dare to Care?

FIRST, check out the #DareToCare campaign page at
NEXT, follow these steps to create your own campaign:
1. Decide how you will raise awareness and pick your dare. Make it fun!
2. Tell the story of why foster care matters to you.
3. Share your campaign with friends on social media, email, or in person. Ask your friends to sponsor your dare - and maybe take on a dare themselves!
4. Perform your dare - and make a difference in the life of children in foster care! Be sure to take pics and post on your campaign page or send to!

We can't wait to see how you Dare to Care!

Apr 30, 2018 By shannonsymonds