Tina Czappa

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Tina, age 18 from Wisconsin, is currently in a relative home placement in foster care. She has overcome many obstacles that life has thrown at her, and excels at almost anything she wants to do. She has advocated for youth in foster care with state representatives as part of Foster... Read more

Larry Davis

Larry B. Davis, MPH, aspires to become a policy advisor, author, researcher, entrepreneur, and professor. While setting out to accomplish these objectives, it’s imperative that we recognize the passion that fuels our ambition for growth and change. Larry obtained his undergraduate degree in Social Welfare and International Studies. After completion,... Read more

Anthony Johnson

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Anthony Johnson embodies resiliency and altruism. Despite his initial struggles in Wisconsin’s foster care system, Anthony managed to take Honors classes in High School while also finding time to give back to his community. As a counselor at an esteemed summer camp, youth under Anthony’s direction benefitted from his mentoring... Read more

Crystal Owney

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Crystal Owney spent 13 years in Wisconsin's Foster Care System Crystal’s success is a testimony to what hard work and persistence can do. Crystal has already received a college diploma, a milestone that a very small fraction of foster youth attain, but her long-term goals are just beginning. Crystal plans... Read more

Greta Anderson

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Greta Anderson spent 2 years in Winsconsin's foster care system. Brief Biography: Greta entered the Wisconsin foster care system at the age of fifteen; placed in care as a result of a messy family court situation. During her time in care she grappled with being separated from her younger sister... Read more

Dianne Renee' Jackson

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Dianne was placed in foster care when she was four years old. She was first placed in a shelter, followed by two brief placements in foster homes. Dianne's longest placement was from the age of seven to sixteen, but there was a feud which resulted in another placement. She had... Read more

Heidi Bronsdan

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Heidi entered care when she was 1 and again when she was 10 years old. She has spent eight years of her life in foster care. She was adopted when she was 16 by her foster mother, but has had to overcome many obstacles to get where she is today... Read more

Johnathan Boyde

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Johnathan entered the foster care system at birth, where he was placed in kinship care with his grandmother and remained there until age 18. Johnathan had a rough start to “independence” finding him without a home for a period of time. In spite of challenges he continued with school and... Read more

Bregetta Wilson

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Bregetta Wilson is a single mom from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, entered care at age 14. While moving many times often made her life very emotional, she feels that her time in care has made her a stronger person, student and mom. She hopes to be a role model for foster youth... Read more