Brandi Beyer

Brandi Beyer 2 years in Winconsin ’s foster care system 19 years old She/Her/Hers Brandi entered the foster care system at 16 but was in kinship/relative care at 13. Brandi was adopted 2 weeks before her 18th birthday. Brandi is an active member of her local state and local youth... Read more

Katie Gordon

7 years in Wisconsin Foster Care System Katie Gordon is a 20-year-old from Wisconsin. She was placed in foster care in August of 2009, when she was eleven years old. Katie was reunified about a month before her eighteenth birthday. Katie experienced two placements while in care. One placement was... Read more

Natasha Ealy

Natasha entered care at age 12 and was placed into kinship care. Two years later, she was removed and put into a group home while awaiting reunification. Once reunified, Natasha and her parents reestablished a relationship; however shortly after, Natasha was taken away from her parents again. Once Natasha reached... Read more