Samual Martin

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Samuel Martin spent 18 years in Washington's foster care system. Samuel Martin, age 22 of Washington, spent 18 years in foster care. Now he strives to don his charisma, as well as his natural ability to captivate his audience, to become a motivational speaker, while at the same time, developing... Read more

Holly Allen

Holly Allen spent 17 years in Washington's foster care system Holly Allen has that rare combination of skills and personality traits that allows her to do almost anything she sets her mind to, nevermind the obstacles. Holly is only 21 years old but has spent 17 of those years in... Read more

Jeanette Lamont

Jeanette Lamont spent 4 years in Washington's foster care system While in high school, Jeanette made the academic honor roll, received the Governor’s Scholarship for Foster Youth, Passport Scholarship, Educational Training Voucher, as well as a Pell Grant. Also in high school, she was elected vice president of the Lynnwood... Read more

Bryttani Giles

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If you ask 20-year-old Bryttani Giles what she wants to do with her life, she’ll tell you: “I want to do whatever it takes to help people.” A junior with a full ride at Northwest University, Bryttani is majoring in Communication with a concentration in Media Studies and is currently... Read more


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Ian spent 3 years in Washington's Foster Care System. A witty writer, engaging public speaker, and college freshman, Ian is earning quite an outstanding reputation for the work he does on behalf of youth in foster care. Ian respects the impact being in foster care has had on him, and... Read more

Janell Braxton

Janell Braxton spent 3 years in Washington's Foster Care System. Janell is a young woman who embodies all it means to be a driven individual. She has spent most of her teenage life in the foster care system and experiencing multiple placements and sibling separation. All the while, Janell has... Read more

Dhieu Chol Arok

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Dhieu Chol Arok spent 3 years in Washington's foster care system. Dhieu is ambitious, a self-motivator, a visionary, and a foster kid.Dhieu moved to the U.S. in 2001 from southern Sudan due to the civil war. He was later placed into foster care at the age of 15 and then... Read more

Angelene Russell

Angelene entered the foster care system at the age of eight. At that time she was lucky enough to stay with her aunt, which unfortunately ended when she was fourteen. She then bounced around to foster homes and her schoolwork was negatively affected. Luckily she was able to make up... Read more