Royce Markley

Royce spent 9 years in Oregon's and Washington's foster care system. Royce entered foster care in Washington at the age of 2 due to his mother’s abuse. Royce and his younger sibling were placed in a temporary foster home for two years, then reluctantly returned to his biological mother by... Read more

Misty Skelton

Misty spent 6 years in Washington's foster care system. At age ten, Misty entered the foster care system, along with her two younger siblings. During the six years Misty was in care, she was placed in three different households, three schools and three towns. Although moving around wasn’t easy and... Read more

Ashyna Davis

Ashyna Davis spent 7 years in Washington state's foster care system. Her childhood was filled with obstacles and hardships. Overcoming those experiences have contributed to the strong, independent, resilient young adult she is today. She has a passion for helping people in any way she can, which led her to... Read more