Jessica Sachara

Jessica Sachara headshot
Jessica entered the foster care system at age 10 due to her mother’s addiction. Family and sibling separation were very difficult for her. After intense family therapy Jessica was placed back in her mother’s home, but removed again for the same reasons. She eventually went into her grandmother’s care where... Read more

David Inglish

David Inglish headshot
David entered Washington’s foster care system at age 11 shortly after his brother’s death. It was after suffering from abuse and neglect that David was found and put into foster care in order to have a stable household. Fortunately, he was placed into a great family who ended up becoming... Read more

Ryan Cummings

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Ryan is working on finishing his associate’s degree this year and is hoping to transfer to Seattle University. Since Ryan was eight years old, he has been trying to navigate the foster care system. He overcame adversity being involved with half a dozen placements in different cities all across the... Read more