Dasha Fritz Mikhailova

Dasha Fritz Mikhailova spent 7 years in the Loudoun County, Virginia foster care system. Born in Ukraine, Dasha came to the United States leaving behind majority of her family. After enduring abuse and neglect, Dasha entered the foster care - an experience that fuels her desire to help others and... Read more

Michelle Kobus

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Michelle Kobus spent 11 years in Virginia's foster care system. Some kids just seem driven—to be contribute, to excel, to lead. For a lot of those kids, life has been full of approval and support—but not for Michelle. She is a contributor and a leader, that’s for certain: In high... Read more

Malissa Meacham-Perry

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Malissa Meacham-Perry spent about 3 years in Virginia's Foster Care System Malissa Meacham-Perry has an impressive resume for being only nineteen years old. During her last two years of high school, she was a member of the National Honor Society, Forensic Speech Team, Latin Club, Superintendent's Student Advisory Group on... Read more

Darya Mikhailova

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Darya Mikhailova spent 2 years in Virginia's Foster Care System. Cultural connections come in many forms, as Darya Mikhailova’s life proves. Since arriving in the United States at the age of 10, she has endured several years of instability with her mother that led to three years of foster care—and... Read more

Bianca Ruthven

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Bianca Ruthven spent several years in Virginia's Foster Care System Bianca is interested in making the art world more accessible for everyone. She uses her foster care experiences to raise consciousness and create change regarding the representation of underprivileged groups in fine art. As a graduate student at Carnegie Melon... Read more

Antonio Dunkley

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Antonio first entered the foster care system as an infant. A few years later her grandmother was granted custody but he was removed because due to his grandmother’s health issues. He went back into foster care and moved around between foster and group homes before being placed with his godparents... Read more