Tasha St Gelais

Tasha St Gelais spent 6 years in Vermont’s foster care system. Tasha is a soccer player, a sports enthusiast, a dancer … and a foster kid. After entering foster care at the age of 13 and facing many struggles on the road to independence, Tasha has become a successful alumnus... Read more

Melinda Gabree

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Melinda Gabree spent 5 years in Vermont's Foster Care System. Melinda Gabree is going to be an amazing social worker, and already serves as a wonderful advocate for youth in foster care. Mindy will graduate with Bachelor’s in social work in 2013, at which time she plans to pursue her... Read more

Jesse Gaboriau

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Jesse Gaboriau spent 2+ years in Vermont's Foster Care System. Jesse Gaboriau has served as a remarkable advocate for youth in Vermont through his involvement in three different advocacy groups for the state. Jesse has an attitude of empathy for all living things, and is currently undergoing volunteer training at... Read more

Britaney Shakir

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Britaney Shakir is just completing her freshman year in college, but the education she has gained through her time in foster care is evident. One of the things that is most impressive about Britaney is the way she has used every obstacle handed to her as an opportunity. After multiple... Read more