Christina Andino

At the age of thirteen, Christina entered the Utah state foster care system with her older sister and spent a total of 5 years in care. They were placed into three different homes before aging out. Early on, she balanced her responsibilities with her job, school and being Head Cheerleader... Read more

Catherine Konold

Catherine Konald spent 9 years in the Utah foster care system Catherine was placed into foster care at the age of nine due to her mother’s untreated mental illness. Despite experiencing multiple placements in care, Catherine has been able to move forward pursuing educational goals and advocacy efforts. Currently enrolled... Read more

Ricky Ballesteros

Ricky spent 3 years in Utah's foster care system. At the age of 16, Ricky was placed into state’s custody due to his parents involvement with drugs. Although he spent three years in foster care, he was fortunate to have been placed in a loving home. With the help of... Read more

Elisa Coones

Elisa Coones spent 2 years in Utah's foster care system. Miss Coones was placed in the foster system in Utah at age 16 with her little brother and remained until she aged out at 18. She had two foster homes during those two years. Elisa has now a graduated at... Read more

Angelica Gomez

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Spent 4 years in Utah's foster care system Angelica Gomez says that by her second year of being in foster care - she was nine- she knew what worked and what didn't work, what would fix her problems and what wouldn't. She explains that youth in care can bring the... Read more

Brooke Hall

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Brooke Hall was 15 when she was placed into foster care. Her foster home was unfamiliar, strict, and uncomfortable. For the following 8 month placement, Brooke slowly got used to the house rules and actually enjoyed spending time with her foster siblings. This short, yet influential time in Brooke’s life... Read more

Eduardo Ballesteros

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Eduardo Ballesteros spent 4 years in Utah's Foster Care System It is likely that in the dictionary under the word “ambitious” there is a picture of Eduardo Ballesteros. At twenty-one, Eduardo is already a certified Massage therapist, but is also pursuing his bachelor’s in biomedical engineering and business, with plans... Read more